Eric Gan, Boys Team Coach   -   BRVBA

I have played many traditional sports such as soccer, basketball, and badminton. As for volleyball, I started in 2016 playing as an adult in a sports league. Over the years, I find it to be one of the most robust and dynamic sports with loads more randomness than any other sports. My love for the sport made me interested in evangelizing this sport by coaching everyone who wants to learn about it.


My training ideas mimic a hybrid of Japan and the USA. Japan has drills that produce solid technical players while the USA has creative and innovative drills that are fun. However, drills only do as much to build a player's know-how, therefore, I like to post questions that make up a player's mental fortitude to supplement the team. I like to see my team be able to utilize the rhythm and pacing of both teams on the court to achieve victory. In order to achieve such a style of play, I demand the player's strong fundamentals and quick/unconventional decision making. Ultimately, the work done on the court will transform the player's ethics at home, school and any organization within.


Originally, I'm from Singapore. My off times are when I'm playing volleyball casually at Westminster Chapel & snowboarding at one of the passes around Seattle & trying new cooking recipes at home. Professionally, I am a software engineer optimizing video games' computer graphics.


2022/2023  U14 Boys Assistant Coach Blue Royals

2021/2022 U14 Boys Assistant Coach Blue Royals


Coaching Philosophy

Focus on perfecting the techniques (Play hard)

Awareness of individual condition (Communication and mental awareness)

Enjoying the process on and off the court (Have fun)