Here is the BLUE ROYALS Paperwork packet we need to get back before your Athlete can play.

Options to Return Paperwork, choose what you prefer:

1. You can print out, fill out, and mail back to the office (address is below).
2. You can print out, fill out and scan back as a PDF to my email here.
3.  Most Popular Way:  Use the SIGN.NEW program I found during covid last summer,  it allows you to fill out, (and add your signature), to it online and send back (saves printing). See below the Directions for Sign.New below my signature if you want to do that way.
If you have any troubles, let me know and I can try to help!
thank you! Lisa


Could you try the option to fill out and sign online  .....
open a new browser tab
type in   SIGN.NEW  into your browser
an Adobe sign/fill in program will pop up, it's free
download the packet, and then upload to the SIGN.NEW
you will be able to write on the forms! and sign! it is so cool
SAVE IT, DOWNLOAD IT, nice if you can rename it  PLAYERNAME - MAR-2021
and email me as an attachment
If this would be done!
Many parents are saying it works. If you have time.
Give the Office a call at 425-583-3822 if you need help!
All players need to fill out this paperwork in order to be on the courts. This is part of the normal Clearance Process for every new player. This Forms packet stays in the Athlete's Player File for up to 1 year. It is required that Parents fill out the Paperwork Packet if the Emergency or Medical Information Changes as often as necessary to keep the Blue Royals Club & Coaches informed of important medical changes in health of our players.
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