Allison Sicsic, Coach U13   -   BRVBA

2019/20  Coach U13 Blue Royals

2018/19  Coach U12 Blue Royals

2017/18  Coach U14 Blue Royals

Coach; 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 Fall Skills Clinics

Coach; Beach Team U12 2019 Season


I started playing volleyball when I was around 12 years old.  I would go with my older sisters onto the King Salmon Airforce Base (closed several years ago) where we had access to and played co-ed with some of the Airmen who were stationed there.  I went on to play through Junior and Senior High School, mostly as a setter. I played intramural volleyball through college and still play whenever I can.


I have coached my girls since they were in 3rd grade (now 10th and 7th graders), at the Boys & Girls Club.  Last year I had the opportunity to be the assistant coach for the U12s for the Blue Royals, and the year before for the U14's Blue Royals, and loved it.  


My 10th grader plays Varsity this year for Kamiak High School.  


I love working with the younger ages because of the eagerness they have and how fast you can see improvements.  I always told my B&GC teams that I didn’t care if we won, (not always the truth because I am competitive) but that I always expect them to play their best and always try to improve; and that led to more successful seasons.


I am married to Marcelo and we have 3 children: Noah, Anatalia and McKenna.  I work at Columbia Elementary as a ParaEducator in the Special Ed. Life Skills classrooms.  Although it can be tough at times, I love working with the children in that program and as a bonus I have the same school schedule as my kids, so I have more time with them.