Aaron Dean, Head Coach U12 Team - BRVBA



I have been a youth coach for the last six years in various sports.  I have been the head coach at The Evergreen School for the last two school years, and this is also my second year coaching with the Blue Royals.


I was a wrestler in high school and, briefly, in college.  Initially, I coached to support my own kids.  As it turned out, I really enjoy coaching and I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing young athletes develop in skill and confidence.  My only real goal is to keep the experience positive for the kids and allow them to reach their own potential and goals.  My day job is attorney, and I get to meet and represent famous people, but most times cannot reveal who they are. During my senior year of high school, I significantly injured myself wrestling.  Feeling down, I walked alone to my locker from the gym.  A team cheerleader, whom I did not know,  approached me and asked how I was doing.  We spoke for less than 3 minutes but she was so kind.  We’ve been together since, she’s Emily’s mom, and unbeknownst to me then, that was the moment my volleyball journey began.

Other Hobbies:  I love woodworking and tools.