Darrell Hayes, Assistant Head Coach U16 Team - BRVBA


My name is Darrell Hayes and I will be the assistant head coach for the U-16 Blue Royal BRVBA Team for the upcoming 2018/19 club season. I have been coaching young ladies from the ages of 6-18 for approximately 20 years. I have always been a Head Coach and mostly for the 16-18 age group. Most of the teams I have coached have been in the upper part of both power league and Regionals. I have had many of my players go on to  become 1st team all league in High School and also some of my players have pursued the college ranks and have had a lot of success there as well. I believe in teaching fundamentals and want every player to learn all facets of the game even if they do not feel like this would benefit them.



I have found that the more positions you learn, the more valuable you will be to both your high school and college coaches. 


I believe in becoming a good serve and serve receive team. These two factors influence the outcome of a game more than any other. I believe in hustle and desire. I look forward to pushing these players as much as I can but also keeping things loose when necessary. The life long bonds and friendships you receive from volleyball are truly amazing. I will be teaming up with my daughter Nicole Hayes to bring you the best that we have.

    I retired ( I thought) 3 seasons ago but when my daughter asked for help I couldn't turn her down. The first weekend I was back on the court felt like I had never left and then I realized I was made to be a coach and make a difference. I have three children of my own ( all girls) So I am used to dealing with females. I believe that is a huge advantage when you are a male coach. My wife Shelly and I have been married 27 years so between coaching volleyball and raising kids I have been busy. 


 I am looking forward to meeting everyone this year and having a fun yet productive year.


 Just remember my slogan:          PREPARATION + EXECUTION = SUCCESS