Covid "return to play"  Information



At Blue Royals, our MAIN GOAL is to minimize contacts between everyone this season, this includes all the contacts between any Players, Coaches & Parents to prevent the spread of covid while still training volleyball as safely as possible.  At the same time our GOAL is to give players a good experience, teach them more skills,  and of course let everyone have fun.   To Train Volleyball as Safely as Possible Here is the Covid Plan for Players!




Things will be different for Players, Parents and Coaches this season!

We need to minimize contacts on court, off court, with volleyballs and with other people.

Every effort is being put in place to meet WA State and Local Health Requirements to allow Junior Club Volleyball to continue safely as possible. Please review ahead of the season the procedures for covid-19 below for Athletes, Parents, & Coaches.




- stay home if they feel ill (fever, aches, pains, gastrointestinal, loss of smell, loss of taste, or feel ill)

- arrive to practice ready to play and do all your changing if possible before you get dropped off at the court

- be dropped off at court 5-10 minutes before the start of practice, not earlier, exact times will be provided to each player by the first practice

- have at least 2 bottles of water with them for each practice, they can have a small cooler with cold gatorades or any snacks as needed

- after dropped off players should go right away to the TEMP SCAN station (coach will check temperature by scanning forehead)

- sanitize hands (club has sanitizer stations, or players can use their own brand)

- Sanitize hands before they step on the court or touch the volleyballs, during practices at the water breaks and after the finished practice before they leave the courts (there are some players with skin allergies, and they may have a special hand cleaning procedure, communicate with Blue Royals if anything special is needed) 

- put their gear next to a orange cone, or designated area 6 feet apart, on the sideline of their practice court

- wear a mask at all times (the exception is when they are on the court playing - no mask required)

- water breaks, coach chat times, team meetings, players need to wear a mask, and take time to sanitize often at breaks

- stay 6 feet apart at all times from everyone on their team, as much as is possible ( the exception is when they are playing on court)

- follow all directions for covid procedure that will be given to them by their coach or the club as best as possible

- PLAYERS CANNOT do high fives, hand slaps, hugs (if they crash into another player on court that is accepted as part of the game)

- PLAYERS CANNOT touch other teams volleyballs (even if the ball comes close to them they need to let teams chase their own balls)

- Players in Session 2 (the later session each day) will have to wait for Players in Session 1 (the earlier session each day) to finish on court and leave, and Session 2 players will need to wait for coaches to sanitize all volleyball equipment ( balls, nets, net polls and outlines) before they come on court (coaches will let them know when cleaned) - as we get closer we will let parents know times to drop off and pick up to make this work out

- Covid is serious and joking (or kidding around, sneezing, coughing on purpose for example) on court will not be allowed

- failure to in good faith follow the covid rules in a mature way could result in removal from the team without refund (worst case)

- anyone who is ill will need to be covid-19 tested negative and meet State return to play (Quarantine may be required) before they return to play

- this list may need to be updated, as needed, as the season continues check back frequently for changes


Before any practice Athletes & Coaches are asked to answer these questions: 

Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat? 

Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

Have you had a loss of taste or smell?

Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?




- think over if playing & training volleyball during the covid-19 pandemic is worth the possible risk of infection in your family

- check the temperature of your athlete before you leave home each practice day

- keep your athlete at home if they have a fever or if they are ill (see common symptoms of covid-19 on WA State Dashboard website)

- make sure your athlete is dropped off with PLENTY OF WATER!  (they will be in the heat on sand running around - they need cool liquids)

- make sure your athlete has optional gear which makes beach season more comfortable: sunglasses, hats, visors, sunscreens, cool towels etc

- a sports bra type undergarment is required  (not a regular bra - not enough support or coverage )

- drop their athlete off at practice 5-10 minutes before the start of the practice (if earlier the player needs to stay in their car and wait)

- pick up their player exactly at the end of the practice on time so players avoid being around the other session of athletes

- stay in your car during the practice, or if you want to spectate we need you to be at least 30 feet away from the side of the courts

- avoid interacting with your athlete, the coaches or the equipment (balls, don't touch them) while the practice happens

- wear a face mask  at all times (required by law now)

- register your athlete and their teammate (2 person teams) as soon as you have decided which tournaments you will be doing (flexible)

read over the Club Beach Team Handbook, make sure you are comfortable with this document and joining the Club 

- make sure your athlete has a USAV Membership that will work (if they played indoor club teams or any skills clinic with Blue Royals this 2020 they are all good)

- email coaches or Blue Royals (our use the Beach Team Reach) to communicate and limit any in person talk to 6 feet apart 

- club email is best way to return paperwork!   scan and send back on time  (nothing in person will be accepted)

- club website accepts credit cards or checks in the mail is the best way to pay for dues (nothing in person will be accepted)

- stay posted to the club website Covid procedures tab, it will be loaded today and will be added to as the season continues

- this list may need to be updated, as needed, as the season continues check back frequently for changes



- Clean the balls,nets, antennas, boundary lines and cones between practices 

- Sanitize all the balls before practice starts and after practice ends

- Coaches will wear cloth masks (unless they are playing volleyball on court) at all non playing times

- Dmitriy Tukan is the designated Covid Cleaning Admin. He has cleaning routine

- Dmitriy Tukan will lead and train the cleaning routine

- Dmitriy Tukan is the best person to contact with questions about Covid Procedures

- Manage how players put up all the volleyball equipment (nets, antennas, boundary lines)

- Stay at least 6 feet apart from each other, players and parents - if your arms are fully extended you should just touch at the tips of the fingers of the other person with their arms fully extended. This is an estimate of 6 feet, this is two yards, about 2 meters.

- Check temperature of players and of coaches before each practice

- Coaches need to ask themselves if they have felt sick.  Stay away if ill.  

- Coaches need to ask players, at the start of each practice, if any of them had fever in the last 24 hours or their families or people they were in contact with in the last two weeks were diagnosed with Covid 19.  

- Blue Royals will add regular emails to all teams to ask parents to make sure anyone who is ill stays home.

- Check if players have  two bottles of water or have enough water for practice. 

- Make sure, encourage players and parents, to provide adequate water with them at the start of the practices

(train them to bring at least 2 bottles).

- Set up cones on the side of every court spaced out 6 feet apart. Make all the players put their volleyball stuff by each  cone. One player per cone. 

- Parents are not allowed at practice closer to the court than 30 feet, and are asked to not come close to Coaches.  Give Lisa the name of anyone whose parent is coming too close to you, email her.. Parents will have to drop players off and stay in the car or comeback to pick players up.  They are allowed to stay at least 30 feet away from the court sidelines and watch practice.

- Players will have to wait for  the players from the previous class to leave the courts and for coaches to sanitize all volleyball equipment ( balls, nets, net polls) before players are allowed on the court. 

- No high fives or slapping hands, elbow bumps or physical contact with players, or other coaches,  are allowed for anyone this season - no hugs - sorry !  Better safe than sorry!  

- Coaches and Dmitriy Tukan will carry emergency paperwork in backpacks. Coaches will call 911 if any emergency needs medical personnel.

- Players and coaches  will have to sanitize their hands before they step on the court or touch the volleyballs, during practices at the water breaks and after the finished practice before they leave the courts. 

- We recommend Coaches to not touch the volleyball as much as possible set up your drills and games to have players touch the ball

- Coaches will run practices keeping the covid social distancing best practices in all their efforts, as much as is feasible, with a sport of this kind

- Laminated instructions to be posted on net, and given to coaches, with Covid policies

- this list may need to be updated, as needed, as the season continues check back frequently for changes



COVID Personal Protective Equipment PPE 

- Coaches provided by Blue Royals with new cloth face masks and will wear at all times

- Coaches may or may not wear gloves; Gloves will be available (but not required)  for coaches

- Coaches may or may not wear face shields; available upon request with a week advance notice


- Athletes need to bring their own face masks to practice for non-playing times along the sidelines

- Athletes do not have to wear masks while playing on the volleyball court

- Athletes can be closer than 6 feet while playing; it is not feasible to maintain 6 feet of social distancing while playing volleyball

- Athletes do not need a mask if 6 ft social distancing is maintained at all times off court

- Athletes must wear their mask if they are closer than 6 feet to anyone off the court (we ask they arrive in their mask out of the car)

- Athletes optional gear, not provided, includes face shields, gloves, hand sanitizors of their own preference


COVID Sidelines PPE

- Hand Sanitizor will be provided along the sidelines

- Infrared Forehead Temperature Thermometers will be on the sidelines for use before every practice for Athletes & Coaches

- First Aid Kits will be on court or near the court at all times (see Dmitriy for largest First Aid Kit)

 - All equipment, includes volleyballs, nets and antennae will be sprayed and air dried with a restaurant food grade covid disinfectant


Due to the contagious nature of Covid-19, all athletes, coaches and familes are required to agree to the Blue Royals COVID-19 Waiver, or not participate.  All Club personnel, including coaches, and athletes and parents on the sidelines agree to not participate unless they fully accept they play at their own risk of injury and possible death to themselves or others.


Every effort will be made to keep this website page as up to date as possible, however, in this amazing time of a world wide pandemic we maintain the right to not have this web page be 100% accurate.  It is extremely hard to keep up with the covid -19 government changes, we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee that some of this material on this page may be outdated by the time your athlete plays on the court.  It is important that everyone who partipates is willing to risk getting covid -1 9  (no matter our best efforts) and that you all participate at your own risk, and understand there may be no way to keep you from contracting this deadly disease.  It will be our best efforts but we may be negligent in forgetting some part of these complicated procedures from time to time, or another player or parent may infect you or your athlete with some action outside of our control, there are so many moving parts in the volleyball training and the season that you need to play at your own risk!    


thank you,

Dmitry Tukan

Covid Blue Royals Administration - Cleaning Protocol Head Coach


Phone:  425-583-3822