Our News:  U14, U15 and U16 Teams Formed for 2016

What's happening...

We are very proud of our 3 teams, formed this first season for Blue Royals Volleyball Academy.


The U16 finished 10th overall in the MLK NW Juniors Tournament, and the U15's finished 16th.  U14's finished in the upper half of their MLK Tourney.  Nice job teams!



Also, these girls worked hard to compete in the December Winter Classic Tournament in Puyallup recently.


Here is how the teams finished -

U16  Gold

U15  Silver

U14  Silver (3 way tie for first!)


Thanks to parents for supporting their daughters to play volleyball!


Practices have started for the U14's, U15's and U16's.  Winter Break practices have been added to the calendar.


Signing and uniform sizing night went very well for all teams.  We are waiting for our Jerseys - hopefully before the first Power League.


Backpacks, shoes, socks (3pack), ankle braces, sweatpants and hoody were just handed out to all teams in December.


Keep up the great work coaches, families and players!


Private Training

A great way to learn new techniques, to get one on one attention with coach, and to improve your skills. 


One hour private lessons offered on any key element of volleyball.

  1. Serving
  2. Passing
  3. Setting
  4. Hitting
  5. Blocking
  6. Defensive Specialties

Small group private lessons also available.  Limit 4 players.


Call us to schedule your private lessons as far as 6 months in advance.

Camps & Clinics

Camps are multi day lessons.  They are a great way to be introduced to the sport, to improve skills in a quick amount of time, and to deepen the advanced players ability even further.


The following camps are offered:

  • Youth Camps 3rd-6th grades
  • Middle School 7th-8th
  • High School 9th-11th

Clinics are one day lesson offering a more focused set of skills.  Clinics are offered to the same age groups as camps. 


We offer the following clinics;


  • Fall & Summer Clinics
  • by Age Group
  • by Skill Set Focus

Volleyball News

We are excited for the upcoming Club Volleyball Season, and before you know it, we will be into full swing.


Here is a tentative list of the type of tournaments each team will be doing.

  1. Friendship
  2. Power League Seeding
  3. Power League 1
  4. Power League 2
  5. Power League 3
  6. Power League4
  7. PNQ
  8. President's Day
  9. Regionals
  10. Memorial Day
  11.  Out of State (optional)

Coaches will set the exact schedule and it will depend on the age levels.