SOPHOMORES:  What to Do to get recruited & find a scholarship

Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center when you are a Sophomore.

Before you register with the NCAA Eligibility Center - you need to gather a lot of background information.  Here is a link to what you need before you register - click here.


Quick Hints in the Process of getting recruited - click here.

Below you see the suggested ways to begin your recruitment by colleges.

1.  Contact the schools you are interested in directly and introduce yourself - see all schools in WA below by category.

2.  Send a personal note or email with your reasons for wanting to play at the school.

3.  Include stats, video highlights, GPA, physical attributes such as height and jump and a general background.  Make sure you give them your Blue Royals Volleyball Academy Coach Name and Phone number.  Most college coaches will contact the club coach, unless a player is a Junior or Senior.

4.  Go to summer camps and play volleyball in front of the coaches you are most interested in playing for in college.

5.  Keep your grades up, participate in multiple sports if possible, and maintain the highest character attributes.

After you choose where you would like to play, you will need to send a letter of interest to coaches.  Be sure to include an athletic resume that includes your GPA, your experience, and your stats.  A detailed highlight video is important that shows your volleyball skills.  Choose as many schools to show interest in as possible to widen your opportunities and your chances of finding a scholarship.  If you don't see the school you are interested in here you can usually find coach contact information on the college website.