Here is the link for buying the USA Volleyball Membership.  All athletes in BLUE have to buy yearly USA Memberships.  There are several types of memberships, please find the correct one below for your player, and USA Volleyball does not give refunds.


FIRST:  Parents should create a Sports Engine Account and make sure to use a good email (parent email is HIGHLY suggested) because we use that Sports Engine account to get USA emails (and also sometimes the club sends team invites if they joined a team in October, it will go to the sports engine parent email).  


SECOND: See the Types of Memberships below & Select the one your Athlete will need. 


Boys National Membership, Indoor & Outdoors  $36 (valid until Aug 31, 2021):


Girls Beach Team Membership Outdoors Only (NO Indoors) $40


Girls Developmental U12-U17 Indoors   $30


Girls Developmental Membership U9-U11, Indoors $15 (must be 11 until June 30) indoors only

 THIRD:  Please forward me the emails of receipts showing Paid for these (should usually be paid in two separate portions - one part of the fee will go to the local USA Office & one part of the fee will go to the National USA Office).  Your Receipts come to your email, and usually have some GREEN color that shows how much you paid USA.  Also be good if you can forward me the "Welcome to USA Volleyball" email that you get when she is all paid and done.  NOTE:  if you see PENDING on the Membership status, it means you might have forgotten to do one of the waivers! or your credit card might not have processed!


If you struggle to get this to work, or if it seems like it's not working, best to reach out to me or to contact our local usa volleyball office directly too  They are open M - F from 8:30am to 4:30pm and they have staff in their office who can help you buy their membership (probably better than I can help since it isn't my membership).  Also if you contact them and they don't respond within 1-2 days, please let me know and I have an email that will probably get the fastest help but I save it for when we really need it  so I don't bug them too much :)


You are buying a USA volleyball membership with them (not BLUE ROYALS) but we can help to facilitate communication if they don't respond to you let me know.  Hopefully it will all go really smoothly!   Call 425-583-3822 if you need help which is BLUE Office or email us.