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2024/25 Coach Openings

Blue Royals is adding teams for next season.  Contact Us (click here) if interested to join our coaching family!

U10 National 2023/24

U12 National 2023/24

U12 Elite 2023/24

U12 Regional 2023/24

U13 National 2023/24

U13 Elite 2023/24

U13/14 Regional 2023/24

U14 National 2023/24

U14 Elite 2023/24

U14 Regional 2023/24

U15 National 2023/24

U15 Elite 2023/24

U16 (N) National 2023/24

U16 Boys National 2023/24

U16 (S) National 2023/24

U17 National 2023/24

U18 National 2023/24

U18 Boys National 2023/24

U11 National #2  Finish Puget Sound Regionals

U12 National Wins American Bid at Regionals

U13 National #1 PSR Region U13's Power League

U13 1st Silver in U14's West Coast Cup, Long Beach

U14 National Wins Gold American Bid at PNQ Spokane

U14 National 2nd in Gold West Coast Cup, Long Beach

U16  Finishes 8th/112 teams Phoenix Festival, Arizona

Celebrating! SENIOR NIGHT 2023/24

U14 Boys 2nd Place Mercer Island Stop, Western PL

U16 Boys 1st Place Portland Stop, Western PL