BRVBA Coaches 2019/20 Club Season

At BRVBA, our Coaches work together to make their Teams a success!  Coaches and Players work hard all season long, with plenty of team bonding and fun too,  and the results are demonstrated with improvements to every player's skills and the team rankings have improved year after year.  Blue Royals is entering the 4th season and is getting even stronger with the Coaches you see here below growing the Club this year.  Our Coaches are making a difference every day.  These Coaches all share the love of the sport and enjoy giving back to coach each of their players to be their best.  BRVBA enjoys watching the most advanced players continue to learn and get better - while taking great care to develop the young players to be ready for their future too.  Whatever the age level of the player - we are proud to have the team of Coaches making a difference at all ages throughout the season and throughout the year to advance the overall skills of each player in BRVBA!

Click on the Coach Name or Picture to learn more about them; Indoor Coach Titles Above & Beach Titles Below Pictures




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Beach Coach

U12, U11 Teams

Dmitriy Tukan

Club Director

Tammie Isackson

Head Coach

Taking year off

Kurt Jensen

Assistant Coach

Team:  U18 BRVBA

Beach Coach

U18 , U16 Teams

Beach Coach

U18 , U16 Teams

Yusef  Hansia

Assistant Coach

Team:  U17 BRVBA

Tiara Huffaker

Specialty Clinics


Rachel Peterson

Co Coach

Team:  U16 BRVBA

Aanna Tukan

Assistant  Coach

Team:  U11 BRVBA

Chris S.

VIDA Integrated Health





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