About Us

Club Director

Dmitriy Tukan

Cell:  (425) 478-6354




Lisa Tukan

Cell:  (425) 583-3822





Check out the individual Coach Pages for more about each Coach.

Where Do We Practice ?

Various locations in North Everett, South Everett & Mukilteo.


What Time Do We Practice ?

Check Team Pages for the typical practice times.  


What Days of the Week do We Practice ?

Practice Days May be Any Day of the Week

Depends on the Coach & Gym Schedules.  Again, best place to see the schedule for all practices is on the club calendar.


How Many Times Per Week Do We Practice?

Each team practices 2 times per week.




Blue Royals Volleyball is a non profit volleyball club dedicated to promoting the sport of volleyball for youth.  


Blue Royals opened its doors in November 2016.  We look forward to many great seasons.  


Our passion is volleyball - we aim to help families and players to play better, to compete more and to be a part of our Blue Royal family!


Our Coaches have coached volleyball for many years, as well as most coaches have also played the sport.  


We pride ourselves on the positive style and quality form/technique we coach in our club.  Each and every player is important.


Our Coaching staff have coached High School volleyball as well as other high school sports.  


Blue Royals Volleyball follows the Gold Medal Squared form and technique.  This is the same program that is taught by the University of Washington.  


We have most recently trained with the Gold Medal Squared and the Art of Coaching Course.  


All of our Coaches love volleyball, seek to continually learn and improve, and love seeing their teams grow throughout the season.