Dan Morin, Head Coach U15 Team - BRVBA

My introduction to volleyball began as a 7th grade student back in Canada. I continued to play through my years of high school. After high school, I played a few seasons of club volleyball in Kansas City while attending graduate school.


I began coaching volleyball at the age of 18 when I had the opportunity to work with a freshman team for several seasons. I got back into coaching at the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club in 2010. In 2013, I started as an assistant coach for a U-12 team at Fusion Volleyball Club. The following season I became the head coach of a U-12 team and follow that team through the divisions for the next several seasons. I am Impact and Safe Sport certified, and have studied Gold Medal Squared Training.


2022/23 U14 Royals won an AMERICAN NATIONAL BID at the Spokane Pacific National Qualifier.


MLK- NW Juniors

U-12 Champions

U-13 Champions (U-14 Division)

U-14 Champions (U-16 Division)


PSR Championships

U-13 Champions

U-14 Champions

U -15 Champions


Power League

U-12 (2nd overall)

U-13 (1st overall U-13/14 Division)

U-14 (2nd overall U-15 Division)


Emerald City Classic

U-15 Open Champions


Girl’s Junior National Championship

U-12 American (27th overall)

U-13 National (19th overall)

U-14 National (13th overall)

U-15 National (5th overall)


My favorite aspect of coaching is being in the gym and training the fundamentals of the game while developing relationships with young athletes in our community.  As a coach, I truly believe that you will get out what you put in. This happens on every level of play, either as a player or as a coach. One of my goals is to raise the level of play in the Puget Sound Region, increasing the visibility of our players on a national scale in the volleyball community.