Beach Teams 2024

Registration is open to all Athlete's who:

- have indoor club volleyball experience

- have a dedicated partner


To JOIN:    fill out the registration form online:  Player Registrationclick here   

We would like to have all the teams (indoor) partner up and play Beach Team, if possible, it is what gives athlete's the year over year "BOOST" to their game! Any questions or to be added on Roster, reach out to the BR office, or email

Much more info is sent out to those who get on rosters.  Blue Royals Volleyball Academy indoor team players have priority registration until May 1.





Tuesday's & Thursday's 

June 4, 6, 11, 13, 18,20, 25, 27

July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30

Aug 1,6, 8




4-6pm  Tues & Thurs   Girls & Boys High School Ages:  15, 16, 17, 18   ( 16 two player teams total )

6-8pm Tues & Thurs  Girls Middle School Ages: 12, 13, 14   (16 two player teams total )




Willis Tucker Sand Courts (4 courts) Snohomish




DEPOSIT, GEAR FEE, TRAINING FEE:  All costs are due by June 1, 2024, payment in full for season is due by this date.

$225 deposit due per athlete at time of registration (after you register you will get an email with a link to pay this deposit)

$150  Gear Fee due June 1, 2024  (includes tank top, practice t shirt, decoration costs, sales tax & shipping, delivered to practice)

$595 Training Fee due June 1, 2024  (this price is for BR indoor team players, if from other club please add $100, so Training fee $695)

Payments can be made at the Blue Royals website:  click here


Beach Team fees cover twice per week training and gear package (tank top and practice t shirt).

Beach Team fee's don't cover local or travel tournament fee's, those are added fee's that are flexible, parents decide which tournaments and how many tournaments to attend each summer.  Each local weekend tournament costs about $75 per player.



More Details

What if I go on vacation?  Is that ok?    Yes, everyone is going on vacation, this program is flexible, the same price for all, even if missing a week or two, it is totally ok.  Players should attend as much as possible but it's totally ok to miss it too.  The cost is a firm cost no matter misses.


Do I have to get a partner?  Yes, please sign up with a partner.  It is ok to sign up without your partner but BR has no way to guarantee a spot on the beach team if you don't find a partner by June 1.


If my partner is absent, should I still attend practices?  Yes, everyone should attend the training.  They will play with another person that day but that is also fun and will be a good challenge for them too.


Does the club put a tournament schedule out to the teams?  No, we used to do that and all our teams would end up filling up the tournament and playing each other!  Now, we offer two in house tournaments, between all our similar aged teams, and we let parents book out any tournaments they want to do on their own schedule, it means we end up not always playing our own teams at events this way, which is better!


Is there a gear package included?  Yes, athlete's will have a gear package which is a competition tank top and a practice t shirt.


Can parents or family spectate?  Yes, we practice at Willis Tucker Sand courts, surrounded by grassy open area, parents bring blankets and/or chairs and can watch practice as long as they do not interfere with the coaching, or interfere with their player's focus.



2023 Tournament Winners Delanie & Savannah

2023 Tournament Winners Mya/ Maleala & Ava/Sydney

2023 Tournament Winners Olivia & Courtney

National Bid Winners

Timmy & Sydric U16  Timon & Cyrus U18

National Bid Winners

Courtney & Mira, Ella & Audrey, Whitney & Partner

National Bid Winners

U15 Whitney & Ava