Dmitriy Tukan, Club Director - BRVBA                                                                                             Head Coach U18's 2022/23 Season

Coaching Philosophy:

As Coach, I  teach my players how to play as a team. I believe team sports teach so much more than just the game. Game teaches them how to deal with loss and how to celebrate when they win as a team, it is something that players have to do in their life every day.  Having players who could play in every position on the court is very important for team success. Fundamentals are the key to building a competitive team.  All players, in each position, have to know their basics for ball control, movement and technique.   I believe that you could teach players how to play, but to get to the highest level of play they have to push themselves at practices and on their own outside of practices.  I try to motivate and push each athlete to attain their highest level of play and tell them they have unlimited potentials with effort and hard work.



I am originally from Russia! I played many sports when I was growing up.  I first played volleyball in 7th grade.  I continued to play in high school.  I played for my Russian college team as an Outside Hitter.  I met my wife, Lisa, in Everett at a recreational co-ed  league and we played competitive co-ed at Edmonds Community College (in adult co-ed leagues) for many years until we had kids.  We have two daughters who both played Kamiak High School Varsity volleyball.  Both of my daughters also now enjoy coaching !  My wife Lisa and I  started Blue Royals many years ago, because we both have passion for volleyball. It is our dream to have a competitive volleyball club and to have a lot of fun doing it!